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All of Me - Hyukjae's 34th B-day Gift

Title: All of Me
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Genre: Fluff/Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Some spelling/grammar errors and basically porn business
Summary: It's been close to three decades and Donghae and Hyukjae are still very much in love.

Donghae peered his head inside Hyukjae's room and smiled when he saw the latter still buried underneath his blanket. He slowly and quietly entered his room, making sure that he is not making any unnecessary noise that could potentially wake up the latter. Tip-toeing his way to Hyukjae's frame, he very carefully lifted the blanket that was keeping Hyukjae warm and snuck in so he could wrap his arms around Hyukjae and cuddle with him. Donghae couldn't help but smile as soon as he felt Hyukjae's warmth against his skin. It was comfortable and perfect and Donghae knew this was where he was meant to be.

"Hyukkie," Donghae whispered in his ear; completely loving the fact that Hyukjae turned around to snuggle closer to him. His arms unconsciously adjusted so that he was able to keep Hyukjae comfortable while at the same time also holding him close. "Wake up, Hyukkie. It's time for your big day."

"Mmmm," Hyukjae groaned and tried to hide himself in Donghae's chest. "Nnooo."

Donghae couldn't help but chuckle at the adorable display. "Come on, sweetie. Wake up."

"Five more minutes, Hae."

"But it's your big day," Donghae kissed Hyukjae's cheeks and lightly rubbed his cheeks. He watched him closely with a smile on his face and thought that even though they've known each other for three decades, he still gets mesmerize by the beauty that's laying in his arms. "Hyukkie baby, time to wake up now."

Hyukjae, completely oblivious to Donghae's admiration, whined and turned his back on Donghae once again in order to get a little bit more sleep. Donghae only chuckled and brought him back close against him by pulling him in his arms. He knew exactly why Hyukjae was acting this way which happens every year ever since he turned 30. He brought his lips close to Hyukjae's ears and lightly bit the top, which not only woke Hyukjae up but also sent a shiver down his spine.

"I don't want to punish you so early. Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean I won't ravage you."

Hyukjae, completely awake now, knew Donghae meant what he said and immediately turned to face him with a cheeky grin. "You wouldn't dare."

Donghae mirrored said grin and brought their faces close together. "I would so dare," then closed the gap and gave him a proper kiss. Hyukjae immediately returned Donghae's kiss and wrapped his arms around his neck in order to deepen their kiss. Donghae licked his bottom lip which he immediately granted access to. Not even three seconds later and Donghae was already hovering over Hyukjae, kissing him passionately and hands wandering around the sides of his torso, down his waist, and slowly creeping in under his shirt.

Donghae probably would have gone through with his "punishment" had it not been for a third person knocking on Hyukjae's door.

"Hey, you two! I hope I'm not interrupting anything but Umma and Appa are waiting in the kitchen!"

Hyukjae's eyes immediately widened and pushed Donghae off of him. "Noona!?"

"Yah! Hurry up and come out!" There was a three second paused before Sora followed it up with, "Decent! I don't want to see what Donghae's done to you already!"

Hyukjae, this time, had the decency to blush knowing full well what she meant and once he was sure that she was out of ear shot, he turned to Donghae with a glare. The latter simply smiled innocently at him and raised his arms in the air - already admitting defeat.

"Hey, I tried to wake you up innocently. You're the one who wanted more."

"You knew they were here!" Hyukjae countered. "Ugh! I can't believe I almost-- with you! With my parents in the house!"

Donghae chuckled seeing Hyukjae all flushed and embarrassed. It was such a rare sight and he loved every second of it. "Would you relax. It's not like they think you're a virgin. Are you forgetting that summer we-"

"AAHHH la-la-la-la-la-laaa!" Hyukjae covered both ears with his hands as he tried to drown out Donghae's reminescent of one of his most embarrassing moments in life. "That was your fault too and you know it." Hyukjae accused.

Donghae only shook his head before crawling back close to Hyukjae and taking him back in his embrace. Hyukjae still had a pout on his face but did hug Donghae back. He felt the latter kiss the top of his head which immediately boosted his mood but there was no way he would tell Donghae that.

"I'm still mad at you."

"I know," Donghae responded before taking Hyukjae's face in his hands and making him look him in the eye. "I still love you though."

Hyukjae tried not to but it was hard when someone as handsome and charming as Donghae was staring at him with those eyes and telling him he loves him in that voice that could melt anyone anytime. It didn't help that his stupid heart was still beating 1000 beats per minute. It's been three-freaking-decades, when is he gonna stop falling for that?

"I love you too," Hyukjae managed to reply back which satisfied Donghae and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Come on, Hyukkie. Don't wanna keep Umma and Appa waiting!"

"Yeah, yeah," Hyukjae waved him off but did start getting out of bed. Donghae, satisfied that Hyukjae was up and would no longer go back to bed, left the room and joined the rest of the guests outside. Hyukjae mumbled something about being respecting your elders under his breath but he didn't really want to open that can of worms again. He hates whenever his birthday comes around since now, he's officially a year older than Donghae - again - which means the old man jokes would start once again.

After Hyukjae had finished fixing his bed, he walked towards the bathroom and quickly splashed water on his face and brushed his teeth. If his family was here, that must mean Donghae had contacted them and asked them to come to surprise him. It probably has to do with the fact that his parents hasn't seen him since they got back from their last concert and was quarantined by their managers. Keeping strict orders to not get in contact with anyone and that they cannot leave their homes unless it is for a schedule.

Hyukjae rinsed his mouth and grabbed a towel to dry his face. He started to wonder how did Donghae managed to convince their management to get his family up here and viisit him. Moreso, how did he manage to convince his mom to leave the house? Shaking his head, Hyukjae decided not to dwell too much on it and finally join his family outside his room.

Hyukjae walked down the hallway and upon seeing the living room empty, turned towards the kitchen.

"SURPRISE!" Hyukjae smiled widely seeing his family with balloons and a cake. Donghae was next to Sora holding a computer screen showing six different screens of the members shouting and making random noises. Hyukjae was ecstatic to see everyone he loved in the room with him, even though they were not physically there with him. He hugged his parents and Sora then moved towards the computer and waved to the other members.

"Happy Birthday, Anchovy hyung!~" Kyuhyun greeted and blew on a trumpet. Hyukjae chuckled and waved at him as he said his thanks.

"Eunhyuk-ah, Happy Birthday," Shindong greeted as he waved at the camera. "Enjoy your time with the family, ok? We'll grab something to eat soon."

"Neh, hyung!" Hyukjae smiled and looked up to find Donghae pouting. "Oh let it go. Shindong hyung and I have been doing this for years."

"But he still hasn't gotten a meal with me!" Donghae whined.

Hyukjae, along with the rest of the members, laughed hearing Donghae complain.

"He's gonna be a handful today for sure," Siwon said which everyone agreed to. "Annyeong Hyukjae Umma, Hyukjae Appa, and Sora Noona~" Hyukjae smiled and looked back to see his family waving back to Siwon with smiles plastered on their faces. "Happy Birthday, Hyung~ I'll buy you anything you want when we see each other next time!"

"Oohh, okay!" Hyukjae pointed a finger at Donghae then to his parents and sister. "You guys heard that, right? You're all my witnesses."

"Aish~ Yah! I already greeted you. Let's hurry up so I can keep practicing my game. I don't want to lose again next time."

"Neh, Heechul hyung," Hyukjae slightly nodded his head knowing his hyung was probably just self-conscious with the overwhelming amount of cheesy and sudden affection overflowing from everyone. "Thank you again for the cake, hyung!"

"Yeah, yeah," Heechul moved slightly away from the camera but when he came back everyone saw a tint of red on his cheeks. "Happy birthday, anchovy."

"Thank you, hyung." Hyukjae heard Yesung and Ryeowook sing a quick version of "Happy Birthday" on the next screen and laughed seeing his adorable dongsaeng laugh out loud like that while teasing Yesung that he should still put on make up even when he was at home. Yesung yelled on the camera but before he could even curse at him Hyukjae quickly reminded him that his parents were present.

"Aish...you're lucky they're there, you brat." Hyukjae simply stuck his tongue out at him but Sora, being the playful sister that she was, interrupted them and got in front of the camera.

"Yesung-ah~ Don't let this brat manipulate you like that. Just hit him in the head like this," Sora then used her knuckles to hit Hyukjae lightly on the head which made the latter yelp. "I'm giving you permission."

"Yah! What the heck is this?" Hyukjae whined while rubbing his head. "I thought this was to celebrate me."

"Yeah, celebrate you being a brat," Sora gave Hyukjae another knuckle hit on the head which caused everyone in the room to laugh.

Donghae, although was laughing along with the rest of them, worried that Hyukjae was actually in pain so he scooted closer to him and rubbed the spot Sora hit with his hands. Hyukjae's parents watched the interaction fondly and couldn't help but smile knowing that their son was really in good hands and well taken care of.

"Donghae! I can't see him!" Donghae placed the camera on the table and turned it towards them so Leeteuk can see Hyukjae while he kept his hand behind Hyukjae's head to support him.

"Better, hyung?"

"I'd rather see the fridge again," Leeteuk commented followed by a shrill laugh. "Happy Birthday, Hyukjae. Sorry, Hyung can't be there with you."

"It's okay, hyung. I understand." Hyukjae knew Leeteuk was probably stressing out if the way he held Shimkoong indicated anything. He feels bad that he couldn't be there for Leeteuk the way he always was there for him. "It's really okay, hyung."

All of a sudden Leeteuk started tearing up causing the other members to complain that he was making the whole thing sad. Leeteuk tried to deny it and wiped his face away from the camera but the chaos has ensued and everyone was already screaming and teasing each other. Donghae intervened and leaned down so he was in front of the computer's camera.

"Okay - Okay, we'll talk to you guys later. Bye." Hyukjae waved at the camera and even though Kyuhyun made some protest about how he wanted to be present for Hyukjae's birthday party, Donghae simply smiled at them before ending the call and closing the computer shut.

"Wah~ Donghae really put an effort to this," Sora complimented with two thumbs of approval.

Hyukjae made a face when he saw Donghae showing his proud face and immediately pushed his face away from view. "Sometimes he gets a few things right."

"Yah, Lee Hyukjae, you need to treat Donghae nicely," his mother commented. "He loves you so much and you're not getting any younger so you definitely don't want to lose him."

Hyukjae blushed at his mother's words while Donghae only smiled proudly at the comment. "Umma~ He's not that great."

"Are you kidding me? Handsome, loving, and caring. Where are you gonna find someone like him again, huh?"

Hyukjae pouted since he knows his mother's words are true. He still didn't want to admit it out loud though otherwise Donghae's head will get bigger than it already is. Donghae glanced at him from the side and knew exactly what was going on in his head. Smirking to himself, Donghae wrapped his arms around Hyukjae's shoulders and squeezed him tight while planting a long lasting kiss on Hyukjae's cheeks.

Hyukjae parents and sister watched the display fondly and enjoyed his flushed cheeks even more. Donghae looked up from hugging Hyukjae, arms still wrapped around Hyukjae, grinning from ear to ear.

"You don't have to worry about a thing, Umma. It's not like I'll ever let Hyukjae go." Hyukjae felt Donghae gaze back at him and felt himself flush even more seeing his parents look at him like that. "He's stuck with me forever."

"Aigoo~ I'm so glad my baby Hyukjae found you Donghae-ah."

"Me too." Donghae confessed hugging him tighter.

"Take care of each other well," Hyukjae's dad said patting Donghae and Hyukjae on the back with a happy smile plastered on his face. "I'm confident you wouldn't let us down."

"Alright, well, I'm glad to see you two still very much in love but my kids won't feed themselves." Sora cut in before taking Hyukjae out of Donghae's embrace and pulling him in for a hug. "I love you, my forever dongsaeng."

Hyukjae smiled at Sora's overdramatic show of affection but was a little disappointed that they were leaving already. "Do you have to go so soon? You just got here."

"I know, Hyukkie, but you know how it is these days." Sora pulled away with an apologetic look. "I gotta make sure Umma and Appa get settled before anything else."

Hyukjae turned towards his Mom and Dad and gave them a hug. "You two need to take care of yourselves, okay? I have groceries scheduled to get delivered at your house so don't go anywhere unnecessary. Health first before anything else."

"Yes, yes," Hyukjae's mom answered like a robot. "When did you become our parents."

Hyukjae just chuckled while shaking his head. Hyukjae's mom and dad turned towards Donghae and reeled him in for a hug as well before they both walked Hyukjae's family out to their car and watched them leave back to Incheon. Once they were out of sight, Hyukjae and Donghae walked back inside his house and settled into the kitchen after they were done washing their hands.

"Why do my parents love you so much?" Hyukjae inquired while shoving a piece of strawberry in his mouth.

Donghae laughed as he watched Hyukjae enjoy his favorite snack. "Why even ask that? I'm a loveable guy."

Hyukjae made a face and tried to tease Donghae. "Are you?"

"Mm-hm." Donghae confidently agreed. "You fell in love with me, didn't you?"

"Tsk. Not as much as you think."

Donghae mocked a hurt expression and jutted his lower lip to show Hyukjae just how much  he hurt his feelings. "Is that how you talk to your husband?"

Hyukjae flushed and flicked an icing at him. "Yah! Who said I'd marry you?!"

Donghae smiled cheekily and just swiped the icing from his cheeks into his mouth. "Why, wouldn't you?"

They've had this conversation before but whenever Hyukjae thinks about marriage with Donghae, it always leaves him tongue tied and unable to form coherent thoughts. He stabbed the fruit on his plate harshly and avoided Donghae's gaze.

"Hyukkie," Donghae whined, "Are you really not gonna marry me?"

"Aish! You're not even asking me so why would I bother answering that question!" Hyukjae deflected.

"But I am asking you."

"WHAT?!" Hyukjae looked at Donghae with wide eyes and tried to see whether or not the latter was joking with him. Donghae simply smiled while he pulled out a small box from his pocket and placed it on the table in front of Hyukjae. Hyukjae looked at shakily and was waiting for Donghae to start laughing and tease him for having a stupid expression on his face but it never came. "Y-Yah! Lee Donghae...w-what are you..."

"I can get on my knees if you want."

"No!" Hyukjae quickly stopped him hands in front of Donghae stopping him from getting out of his chair. "H-Hae, what-"

"I'm not saying marry me now, Hyuk," Donghae explained laughing a little at Hyukjae's horrified face. He took Hyukjae's left hand and brought it closer to him and while looking at his eyes said, "I'm just asking, marry me."

It was quiet between them. Hyukjae simply stared at Donghae while the latter did the same. It seemed to go on for hours before Hyukjae gently, very gently, put his right hand over Donghae's, smiled sweetly at him then promptly grabbed the cake that was on the table and smashed it straight to Donghae's face. Donghae screamed and immediately wiped away the cake from his eyes. Once he can see again, Hyukjae was no longer on his seat and already in the living room.

"YAH!" Donghae yelled after him still taking pieces of cake off his face.

"Be quiet," Hyukjae retorted as he set up his computer on his coffee table. "I have to get ready for my live in a few hours. Go clean up."

Donghae pouted but knew that this was something his lover's been preparing for weeks now so he decided to let it go for now. He went back to the kitchen to clean some of the mess that he did and to put the small plates away. Just then, he noticed that the small box he had placed on the table was gone. He blinked and immediately got worried. He looked under the table and under the chairs but still nothing. Donghae was starting to panic and went towards the trashcan to see if he had accidentally thrown it with the rest. He wasn't done trying yet and his determination to keep Hyukjae to himself has not wavered and that ring was proof to himself that Hyukjae wanted him the same.

Tears was starting to form in Donghae's eyes as it started to slowly dawn on him that he might never see that ring again. Hyukjae came back in the kitchen and was curiously watching Donghae dig through the trash.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I-...I think I lost something."

"What is it? Why would you put it in the trash?"

"I didn't put it in the trash!" Donghae half-yelled in frustration and turned to look at Hyukjae putting some of the dishes on the sink. "I left it on the table and then I-..." Donghae stopped his ranting as soon as Hyukjae crossed his arms in front of him and he found what he was looking for. Hyukjae, although acted nonchalant about the whole thing, squirmed a little when Donghae continued to stare at him like a statue.


"You're wearing it."

Hyukjae's hand made a fist and he felt the bandwidth of the object Donghae was referring to against his skin. It made him smile and feel a thousand times happy but there was no way he was going to tell Donghae that. "Yeah, well...it's my gift isn't it."

Donghae simply smiled and ran to Hyukjae in order to pull him in for a hug and kissed him over and over again. "And you're my forever gift. My Hyukkie always."

"Yeah, yeah," Hyukjae giggled and tried to pull away from Donghae. "You already said to the whole world. Can you be any more obvious?"

"That's what the ring is for, my love."

Hyukjae scrunched up his face at Donghae's cheesy line and pushed his face away from him. "You're an idiot."

"But I'm your idiot."


Donghae watched Hyukjae start his live with the fans and was smiling at how cute and nervous his lover seemed to be. It was an awkward start as Hyukjae greeted everyone who joined his stream. Slowly but surely Hyukjae watched the count go from 3 to 300 in a matter of seconds to almost a thousand the next minute. Donghae secretly took a picture of the amazed look Hyukjae did when he saw the numbers go up and slowly but surely got comfortable with the fact that he was indeed talking their fans - though they may be invisible, they were still there.

Suddenly, an idea popped in Donghae's head, and he started to quietly walk over to where Hyukjae was sitting.

"Yeah...Hello, everyone. Thank you all for coming to my birthday party. I really thought I wouldn't be able to celebrate it with you guys because of-"

"Happy Birthday Chingu-yah!~"

Hyukjae looked at Donghae wide-eyed and as though he was some crazy sasaeng fan that broke into his house. "Yah, What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to celebrate your birthday with you."

"Did I invite you?"

Donghae looked at the camera and smiled seeing the many D&E comments coming from the fans. "But you invited them."

"Yeah, but not you." Hyukjae looked at the camera and pointed at Donghae. "Sorry, everyone. A crazy person's here to join us."

"Yah, I didn't want you to spend your birthday alone. You should be thankful I came."

"Okay, thank you. You can go now."

Donghae laughed and slowly reached for Hyukjae's hand. "What?"

Hyukjae knew what Donghae was doing and tried to pull away but knew it'll be weird if he did too suddenly so he tried to fuss and angled his hand so that not too many will notice his accessory today. "What are you doing? Go. I'm having my party right now. Come back later."

"But I want to spend it with you."

"I want to spend it with them." Hyukjae pointed at the camera and couldn't help the chortle that came out of him when he saw the many hearts and love comments coming from their fans. "I have to start answering the questions they gave me so please leave."

"Ahh, Eunhyukkie quiz time?" Donghae looked at the camera and totally disregarded what Hyukjae said. "Okay! Let's go!"

Hyukjae rolled his eyes at Donghae and simply shook his head in defeat. One by one Hyukjae read the questions that was printed for him from his fans and answered them as truthfully as he could. Every now and then Donghae would distract and interrupt his answers by doing his usual Donghae antics and doing his own commentary. The other members also interrupted his live by giving him a phone call and greeting ELFs which Hyukjae said was "annoying" and a blatant disruption of his birthday party. All in all the two hours seemed to fly by and after answering the last question on his list, Donghae and Hyukjae waved goodbye to the camera before completely ending it. 

Hyukjae stretched his arms while Donghae laid down on the couch after two hours straight of just sitting. He peered over at Hyukjae and seeing him stretch his body, lifting his shirt up and showing some skin, Donghae figured that now would be the perfect time for part two of his present.

"Ohhh, Hyukkie~"

Hyukjae slowly glanced at Donghae and seeing that naughty grin on his face, knew exactly what his lover wanted from him. "Yah, what's wrong with you? Are you a teenager? How can you still have so much energy after that."

"Because you're so sexy," Donghae answered while wrapping his arms around Hyukjae's waist. "No person in the world can resist your sexiness so technically, it's your fault that I'm like this."

Hyukjae, once again, rolled his eyes at Donghae's reasoning. "Oh, I'm so sorry," he said sarcastically. "I'm going to shower."

Hyukjae turned to go to the bathroom but Donghae quickly pulled him back in his arms. The latter used too much force that Hyukjae ended up crashing against his chest and their face a mere inches away from each other. "After," Donghae muttered against Hyukjae's lips before closing the gap and tasting those plump red lips that he's been eyeing nonstop for the past two hours.

It wasn't messy nor was it chaste. Hyukjae could feel all of Donghae's passion and love into that kiss that he would have to be an idiot to resist and not kiss him back. Turning his head to the side, Hyukjae responded to Donghae's kiss while wrapping his arms around his neck. A few seconds later and he found himself opening up for Donghae and the latter's tongue was exploring the insides of his cavern. They continued to kiss until the need for air became unbearable and the tightness against their lower regions became too constricting.

"Let's go unwrap your second present."

"How many times are you going to recycle the same present?" Hyukjae tried to tease knowing full well Donghae was referring to himself.

The latter simply grinned at him and said, "As long as you still want it."

Laughing at Donghae's lame attempt of flirting, Hyukjae didn't bother to say anything further opting to not ruin the mood. Besides, all he needed really at this point in his life was Donghae and no other present would ever top that.

Entering his bedroom, Hyukjae was quick to grab at Donghae's shirt and take it off the latter which caught him by surprise. "Okay, I guess you really are excited."

Hyukjae whispered a quick, "Shut up," before he pounced on Donghae and kissed him once again while his hands explored Donghae's torso. He loved feeling Donghae's muscles against his hand even though he hates how small it made him feel. It made him feel self-conscious about his own frame but also comforted and safe whenever he's in Donghae's arms. He was still very much conflicted about whether or not he loves Donghae being this built but that didn't matter because he was 100% sure that he probably just loves Donghae all together.

Donghae, without breaking their lip connection, pushed Hyukjae back on the bed. His hands wandered down south of Hyukjae and started fondling his balls and light hand going over his hard-on. He groaned against Hyukjae's mouth when he felt him throb against his hand.

"Clothes," Donghae gasped and almost ripped Hyukjae's clothes off him. "Stop wearing them."

"Then people will see me naked all the time," Hyukjae taunted knowing that Donghae's possessiveness knew no bounds.

Growling at the thought that someone else would see Hyukjae like this, Donghae bit Hyukjae's lower lip harshly, making him yelp in pain, and grinned his own hard-on against Hyukjae's hips to let him know exactly what he's in for. "You're mine."

"Yes, I am, you jealous beast." Hyukjae pecked Donghae's lips before moving down his neck and slowly wrapping his hand around Donghae's length. Stroking him up and down, just enough to keep him stimulated. "And you are mine."

Donghae's heart quickened at the proclamation and stimulation Hyukjae was doing to him. He pushed the latter back down on the bed and aggressively kissed him on the mouth before moving down the side of his face. He left butterfly kisses down Hyukjae's jawline going down his nape and took a second to sniff his scent. Hyukjae moaned at Donghae's ministrations and buckled his hips to let him know that there's more of him that's wanting attention.

"I love you, Hyukkie," Donghae whispered against his ears before going down and taking Hyukjae's length into his mouth. Hyukjae arched his back and tried not to thrust into Donghae's mouth once he felt his warm, wet lips wrap around him. Donghae took in half of him at first, making sure that he was wet and used his tongue to swirl around the head knowing that it drove Hyukjae crazy when he teased him like this.

Hyukjae's breathing was heavy and brought a finger in his mouth to bite on knowing that he was probably moaning like a pornstar because Donghae wouldn't fucking stop teasing him. Then, he groaned and instinctively bucked his hips up, to which Donghae immediately held him down, when he felt Donghae's lips against his pelvic area as the latter swallowed his entire length. Hyukjae's mind was hazy and the pleasure was too much. He could feel himself nearing the edge as Donghae hallowed his cheeks and used his tongue to trail down his penis then started bobbing his head faster and faster that Hyukjae just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"H-Hae...aahh..I'm c-cum-" Hyukjae didn't even have time to finish warning him when Donghae's sudden finger intrusion at his entrance triggered him to come in his mouth. Hyukjae arched his back, suddenly taking in more of Donghae's finger in his entrance, as Donghae took every drop of him in his mouth. Hyukjae felt hot from cumming and the fact that Donghae's finger was still going in and out of him kept his body sensitive.

Then, in the middle of his haze and moaning, he felt Donghae's lips against him once again but this time it was different. His lips were slimy and tasted a little salty. Hyukjae blushed knowing the reason why and tried to pull away but Donghae wouldn't let him. Donghea kept him in place and darted his tongue inside Hyukjae, making him taste himself as he inserted another finger at Hyukjae's entrance.

Moaning at the second intrusion, Donghae had a much easier access in Hyukjae's mouth as he swirled his tongue around his and tasted every inch of Hyukjae's mouth. A string of saliva was visible between them when Donghae pulled away and his eyes was clouded with want and lust as he stared at Hyukjae very lewd form. Hyukjae's cheeks were flushed and lips swollen from their kiss. He was moaning out loud and arching his back that Donghae wanted to freeze time so that he can have Hyukjae like this forever.

Feeling Hyukjae's hold loosen a little bit more against his fingers, Donghae added a third in smirking when Hyukjae twisted on the bed and started gripping the sheets tight. His dick twitched at the sight and there was nothing more that he wanted than be inside Hyukjae but he had to remind himself that this was for Hyukjae. He needed to make sure Hyukjae felt his love and pleasure a thousand times today because he loves him. He pushed his fingers in a little more and shivered when Hyukjae screamed and buckled against him.

"Donghae! Fuck!" Hyukjae screamed and squirmed under Donghae when he hit that particular sensitive set of nerves inside him. Taking a couple of deep breaths, Hyukjae mustered to open his eyes and take a look at Donghae. His lover staring instensely at him, lips parted as though saying he was very much ready to ravage him. Hyukjae wanted to make sure that Donghae kept his silent promise so, very shakily, he got on his knees, Donghae's fingers still deeply inside him and crawled up so that they were face to face.

Donghae wasn't sure what Hyukjae was doing so he curled his fingers inside him, effectively making him fall on his knees. Hyukjae gasped when Donghae teased and draped himself over his broad shoulders as he tried to even out his breathing. Donghae felt the heat of Hyukjae's skin against and like an aphrodisiac, it made him want him more. When Hyukjae kissed him on the lips and started playing with his erection, Donghae's self-control slowly started diminishing as his mind got clouded with Hyukjae.

"H-Hae," Hyukjae whispered against his lips. "I want you."

Donghae pulled his fingers out of Hyukjae and smiled when the latter whimpered at the sudden loss. "I love you," Donghae said once again before he flipped himself and pulled Hyukjae on top of him. "Show me how much you want me."

Taking a shaky breath, Hyukjae stroked Donghae's erection a few times, enjoying the feel of precum against his fingers before slowly guiding it inside his entrance. Donghae closed his eyes and groaned when he felt Hyukjae's tight heat slowly taking him in. It was still as amazing as the first time and Donghae loved every second of it. Then, he opened his eyes and loved the sight he saw even more. Hyukjae was biting his lower lip, breath ragged and eyes closed as he moaned at the feel of being filled by Donghae.

"Fuck - Hyukjae, you still feel so tight." Donghae thrusted his hips up, no longer able to contain himself as he filled Hyukjae to the hilt. The gasp and hand that landed on his abs was more than worth it and completely ignored the glare and curse Hyukjae said to him. "God, I love you so much."

Hyukjae's breathing was still ragged and he barely registered Donghae's words in his mind. Slowly, he looked up at Donghae and groaned out loud when he grinded against his length and it brushed up against his prostate. "I'd love you more if you started fucking me."

Laughing at the order given to him, Donghae held Hyukjae's waist as he stared thrusting up inside Hyukjae. Slowly at first, not wanting to hurt the other, then hard and fast loving the moan and curses that Hyukjae was letting out. Hyukjae was also bucking his hips down trying his best to meet Donghae's thrust against him but it was too fast. He couldn't think straight anymore as the pleasure over took him.

Donghae then stopped, wanting to admire Hyukjae for a second, but it was like Hyukjae was under his spell. As soon as Donghae paused, Hyukjae put his hand on Donghae's abs and started fucking himself on his dick. Donghae cursed and groaned feeling Hyukjae get a little tighter on him as he moved up and down repeatedly on his length.

It was too much and Donghae could feel himself nearing the edge. Lifting Hyukjae off of him, Donghae pulled him in for a deep kiss before going behind Hyukjae and entering him in one swift movement. Hyukjae arched his back and moaned out loud at getting filled once again. He gasped for breath but Donghae couldn't wait. He started thrusting in and out of him again, hard and fast just the way Hyukjae liked it. Donghae took hold of his erection and started stroking him at the same pace that he was thrusting in him. Hyukjae's heart quickened at the double stimulation as his arms gave out and he found himself pushing against Donghae.

"Aggh! Donghae! P-Please..ahh..f-faster."

Sweat dripped down Donghae's head as he grabbed Hyukjae's arm and held it like a reign as he complied with the request. Hyukjae gasped and closed his eyes as he felt himself get closer and closer to the edge. Nothing he said made sense and Donghae didn't care because he was close to finishing himself. He flipped Hyukjae over to his back and kissed him aggressively while still thrusting inside his hole. If it wasn't for the moans Hyukjae was making, the squelching sound of Donghae entering him would have echoed in the room.

"I-I'm c-cumming, Hae...Fuck! I'm gonna come." Hyukjae said as he stroked himself while Donghae fucked him.

Smirking at that, Donghae lifted Hyukjae's legs over his shoulders, slowly pulled himself out, then thrusted back in knowing he was hitting his prostate dead on. Hyukjae gasped and shivered at the intense pleasure it sent him. Donghae repeated that a couple more times and before he knew it Hyukjae was already cumming for the second time that night. Donghae's breathing became heavy as he watched Hyukjae stain himself with his own cum. Donghae groaned and thrusted in two more times in Hyukjae's tight hole before he too finished inside Hyukjae. He made sure that he was completely inside him and that Hyukjae could feel how much he wanted him by filling him up all the way.

It took two minutes for the both of them to come out from their high. Donghae was still breathing heavily, and very much still inside Hyukjae, when he leaned down to give Hyukjae a sweet and loving kiss on the lips. The latter moaned in the kiss and felt a little embarrassed when he felt some of Donghae's fluid come out of him. Donghae didn't care and placed his forehead on top of Hyukjae's as he stared in his eyes and once again said, "I love you."

Hyukjae smiled back at him and replied, "I love you too." Then he squirmed and started to push him a little away. "Hae~ It's sticky."

Donghae chuckled at Hyukjae's whining but simply moved his hips to thrust in him again. Hyukjae gasped and had to hold Donghae's bicep to keep him together.

"Yah, what are you doing?"

"You're 34 now Hyukkie." Donghae mischievously said. "I still owe you 32 more times."

Hyukjae furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head in confusion but then it dawned him what Donghae was talking about and his eyes widened in shock. "Yah! Are you crazy!? What the hell are you talking about?!"

Donghae just smiled innocently at him before pulling out and leaning down his neck to lick at his collarbone. "It's your second present, remember?"

Hyukjae tried not to moan, he really did, but it was hard not to when Donghae was licking and nipping at his skin like that.

"Do you want me to pass out?"

Donghae chuckled darkly before he brought his lips to Hyukjae's ears and whispered, "We'll just have to see."

Tags: b-day os, fic: all of me, genre: romance, genre: smut, pairing: haehyuk, r: nc-17
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